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Graduate Courses


Graduate Student Global Health Debate
Graduate Student Global Health Debate

533 Global Health

Examines major health problems of underdeveloped, developed, and emerging nations. Students conduct in-depth analyses of health problems among various populations in multicultural settings, both nationally and internationally.

560 International Nutrition

Fundamentals of biochemistry, including proteins, enzymes, carbohydrates and lipids and their metabolic relationships.

586 Maternal and Child Health

The course focuses on current health problems and diseases affecting both pregnant women and children worldwide. The impact of various common health problems at different stages of the life cycle and their functional outcomes in terms of morbidity, mortality, psychological well- being, reproduction and growth will be highlighted. Students will become acquainted with the epidemiology of maternal and childhood diseases in developed and developing countries. Programs and resources available to combat health and nutritional problems will be evaluated. The role of different international organizations will be discussed in the context of socioeconomic development and current political/economic policies and realities.

590 Applied Aspects of Telemedicine and Telehealth

This course will focus on the fundamentals necessary to implement or administer a telemedicine and telehealth program. Students will be required to demonstrate a breadth of understanding of the many diverse elements required to develop a successful telemedicine/telehealth program.

606 Changing Health Policy

Students will develop the skills to work in another culture by discovering how culture influences health, finding existing data, analyzing and interpreting it in appropriate cultural contexts to form policy.

630 Maternal and Child Health Epidemiology

This course will cover methodologic issues in epidemiologic research on reproduction, childhood conditions, and women's health including topical information specific to conditions in each of these areas. The course will also cover National MCH databases and Surveillance Systems. The class will include classroom lectures, discussions and student presentations.

645 Nutritional Epidemiology

Overview of the current issues and methods in assessing nutritional status in epidemiological studies. Issues and methods used in international studies and of chronic disease nutrition will be covered.

660 Infectious Disease Epidemiology

The emphasis in this course is on the key concepts and methods of infectious disease epidemiology as used in public health practice and in epidemiologic research.

696H Maternal and Child Health/Public Health Seminar

The series of presentations offered in seminar combine maternal and child health topics (MCH) and topics by College divisions (college-wide) hence the two different classroom locations (see course schedule). On the first and third Wednesday of the month is the college-wide presentation. All other Wednesdays are dedicated to maternal and child health topics. The course is designed to stimulate curiosity and broaden student’s knowledge of the field of MCH and public health in general. Lectures are presented by local, national and international guest speakers.

909 Master’s Report “Internship”

The MPH Internship is the culminating experience of the MPH program and requires the MPH student, to synthesize, integrate and apply knowledge acquired in coursework to a project in a professional practice setting.