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Summer Program


The Mel & Enid Zuckerman College of Public Health in collaboration with the College of Medicine and Biomedical Sciences offer a 4 week study program in biomedical research that includes the following educational goals and objectives:

Educational Objectives

The proposed study program will:

  1. Provide an appreciation for the role of basic research by understanding diseases mechanism, learning about disease biomarkers (Microarray, SNP, gene sequencing, proteomic), and innovative therapeutic approaches.
  2. Increase students’ understanding of the health care and public health systems characteristic of the U.S. and state-based programs. 
  3. Enhance the students understanding of the diversity and culture of the state by providing opportunities for exposure during the weekends that students are not working in the laboratory.

The Primary Objective of this program is to provide the students with an experience in which to:

  1. Recall the background and significance of a specific scientific project and the theory that underlies a given experimental technique
  2. Demonstrate proficiency with a particular experimental technique
  3. Apply this technique to a specific research question
  4. Recognize the importance of experimental controls
  5. Analyze the results of an experiment
  6. Synthesize this experience into the context of the specific research project

Specific outcomes will depend on the host laboratory and exact project.

Educational Plan

The program consists of three components, a one day-long orientation, three weeks of mentored research  and/or public health training experience, and one day presenting their research projects to an audience consisting of faculty from the medical school and public health and other students.

  •  At Orientation the UA faculty will provide students with information on the program, the federal and state system, housing and obligations, outline of the program training and logistics. The orientation session will take place during Week 1 and will be the first gathering of all program participants, faculty mentors and program administrators. Students will be required to participate in all institution-sponsored activities.  These activities are designed to enhance the students’ overall experience and provide a scope of professional opportunities.  Spending time in the environments where public health and medicine is most heavily impacted is a top priority.  Opportunities for social participation and interaction will be suggested to students during their off time i.e. weekends.  Some weekends will be organized to maximize students’ cultural experiences.
  • Normal education hours are Monday through Friday, 8 a.m.-5 p.m.  The schedule may be adjusted to accommodate specific activities or events, including visits to specific agencies or hospitals.  A weekend calendar will be provided with suggestions for trips to national monuments and other cultural and sports events held during the month of June and July.
  • Mentors will be responsible for monitoring the daily progress of the student and guiding the student through one-to-one meetings.  Students will maintain a weekly journal of their progress and reflections. Each entry should be a maximum of 500 words.  Weekly debriefing sessions will be scheduled between individual Students and mentors, as well as among the cohort of Students. 
  • The Closing Session will take place during Week 4.  Students will finalize and submit the following:
    1. A brief report of the their 4-week research experience
    2. Power point  presentation—an Individual presentation to accompany brief report

Socio-Cultural Plan

  • Some of the activities Scheduled for the weekend Social trips are
  • The Musical Museum in Scottsdale
  • The Phoenix Museum of Art
  • The Heard Museum
  • Botanical Gardens and Phoenix Zoo
  • Cooperstown is Alice Cooper’s restaurant, but also a museum of his guitars, clothing, etc.
  • The Chase Baseball Field
  • The America West Basketball Arena
  • Sedona and the Grand Canyon
  • Fashion Square in Scottsdale ( high end), Arizona Mills, and Oak Creek Mall
  • Sabino Canyon
  • Mountain lemon
  • Colossal caves


Students and faculty mentors are required to complete an evaluation survey. 

We also will offer our collaborators the opportunity to provide input via a separate instrument.