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Global Health Institute
Phone: 520-626-5983
1295 N Martin Ave.
PO Box 245163
Tucson AZ 85724
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Global Health Plans and Needs


The Global Health Institute (GHI) was established with start-up funds provided by the Mel & Enid Zuckerman College of Public Health. One of the greatest challenges we face over the next several years will be acquiring the resources needed to sustain the activities of the GHI.

We are actively engaged in obtaining resources to support our efforts and there are many opportunities to support global health at the Zuckerman College of Public Health.

Development Goals


MEZCOPH has a small old house that is used for office spaces and it could be dedicated to the GHI. It is in a strategic location and just few steps from Drachman Hall (MEZCOPH building).

  • Naming opportunity for GHI building:   (Endowment) to renovate/rebuilt the space to a modern space with state of the art telecommunication classrooms and offices, global students and faculty exchange and joint research activities.  The building will house GHI and will ensure connectivity and live interaction with global partners and students.
  • Naming opportunity for GHI IT conference and classroom(s):
    • We have a need to develop 2 conference rooms and one classroom for IT/video conference capabilities. Estimated Cost /room around $100,000

Students Scholarships

Global students’ scholarships or sponsorships to cover registration of international students to MEZCOPH/UA   accredited online degrees

  • Online Graduate certificate programs ( $20,000/student)
  • Online Graduate Master programs in Global Health & Development  ($54,000)
  • Undergraduate public health majors at MEZCOPH/UA  ( $27,000 tuition/year )
  • Graduate MPH programs at MEZCOPH/UA  ( $27,000 tuition/year )
  • Graduate doctoral programs at MEZCOPH/UA ($27,000  tuition/year )

Global Students’ Research Assistantships

  • MEZCOPH students to participate in global research and community programs ($3,000-$10,000 /student)
  • Global students to participate in MEZCOPH research and community programs  ($8,000- $10,000/student )

Faculty Support

Endowed Chair  $ 1.5 -3M endowment for $ $60,000- $120,000 yield/ year

  • Full professor with national &international reputation

Distinguished professor   $ 1M - $1.5 M endowment for $40,000 - $60,000 yield/year

  • Full professor with national &international reputation

Faculty research support  Amount varies and starts at $10,000/year

  • To support faculty research in different areas of global health
  • Sponsor can have his/her name attached to the award with an annual $$ support agreement or can add support to the College general global health fund

Administrative support

  • The College has created a general GHI fund to support and sustain GHI’s efforts and activities
  • Goal is to secure an endowment to support GHI administrative needs and sustain GHI global efforts.  

Training workshops and symposiums

  • Cost
    • Infrastructure: venue and speakers ($30,000)
    • Registration ($500/participant):
    • International participants full sponsorship ($ 6,500)
    • Meals and reception ($20,000) to be raised through fundraising and sponsorships