The Global Health Institute provides a comprehensive and integrated focal point for innovative public health education, training, collaborative research and advocacy through domestic and global collaboration.

As outlined in our Strategic Plan, we are developing citizens of the world who will serve diverse populations in a variety of practice settings in our local, national, and global communities. 

Our Mission

The Global Health Institute is dedicated to addressing global health disparities and offering solutions through education, research, and health diplomacy by training a strong and culturally competent workforce.

Our Goals

To provide meaningful applied global educational opportunities that equip students locally and globally with the skills and tools necessary to become globally minded and culturally competent public health professionals capable of addressing any global public health challenge.

To catalyze global health activities at the University of Arizona through domestic and international collaboration aimed at education, collaborative research, training and public health outreach.


Rich Global Experiences

Create engaging and meaningful global public health experiences for students


Globally Minded Graduates

Equip students with the right tools and skills needed to tackle global health challenges


Financially Sustainable Programs

Create programs that will generate sufficient funds to meet all its resources and financial obligations


Tackle Global Health Disparities

Tackle global health challenges through education, research and community engagement

Our Vision

To empower, inspire, and educate the next generation of globally minded public health professionals who are committed to innovation, excellence, collaboration, and social justice. We aim to advance the field of global health through cutting-edge inter-professional education, research, interdisciplinary partnerships, and a deep dedication to addressing health disparities and promotion equity worldwide. 

Our Key Objectives

Education (credit - bearing)

Provide accredited online/distance learning education and training in public health and emergent global health issues for undergraduate, graduate, certificate and post-graduate students.

Work with partner universities to develop and deliver dual degrees.

Provide global service learning, internships, practicums and study abroad experiences.

Assist partner universities in the development of public health programs and/or departments.

Provide internship and fieldwork opportunities for international students and visiting scholars.

Training (non-credit bearing)

Provide opportunities to life-long learners who will benefit from global health coursework.

Improve community health through training of those working with public health issues.

Support professional development through competency-based courses for faculty, scholars and practitioners.

Develop online preventive health and wellness training modules promoting health literacy.


Support health diplomacy through technical support, expert services and consultation on global health issues.

Disseminate global public health information and increase public health awareness.

Foster interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary partnerships between academic and community-based practitioners and programs.


Support global fieldwork.

Promote joint innovative research that addresses global health issues.

Implement and evaluate effective public health interventions that strengthen health systems.

Foster new discoveries that lead to improved health in underserved communities.

Provide opportunities for international visiting scholars.