Research Training Programs

Our Research Training Programs introduce students to the public health system in the U.S. through practical hands-on experiences in the lab and biomedical and public health research.

Students at tables in a training session

Our Research Training Programs utilize a combination of hands-on experience, role model mentoring and collaboration, and networking skill building to provide a supportive environment that maximizes the likelihood of success. Our goal is to provide a foundation and understanding of translational and public health research currently underway in Arizona and beyond.

4 week Research Training Program

Group of students in classroom

Our 4 week Research Training Programs provide students with experiences in understanding the range of clinical and translational research and challenges in each stage of research.   

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2 week Culture and Community Health Program

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The 2 week Culture and Community Health Program is tailored to provide visiting students exposure to our local community and campus culture in addition to providing an introduction to the US health care and public heath systems and challenges. 

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