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Visiting students and scholars have the opportunity to broaden their college experience and supplement the undergraduate and graduate programs of their home institutions by participating in our 2 week Culture and Community Health Program.  

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2 Week Culture and Community Health Program

Our 2 week Culture and Community Health programs are tailored to provide visiting student and scholars exposure to our local community and campus culture in addition to the US health care and public health systems and challenges. The primary objective of this program is to provide a foundation and understanding of our culture as well as an understanding of the US health care and public health systems and challenges related to community engagement in health systems planning and delivery. 

The educational plan includes rotations in lectures, seminars, courses, site visits and campus activities. 


  • All students receive a Certificate of Completion of the program
  • Time spent in the program is equivalent to 2 credit hours
  • Partner institution can use the program as part of their curriculum (Independent Study/Field Study/Global Health Research/Other) and grant/offer the students the equivalent credit hours