Sonal Lavakumar Budihal

Sonal Lavakumar Budihal

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"I appreciated the diversity of the MEZCOPH community. Despite all of the different cultures, personalities, experiences, and backgrounds of the students and staff, I always felt very welcome and at home."

Alumni of Ajman Microcampus Dual MPH Degree program

Hometown: Hosadurga, Karnataka, India

Degrees: Bachelor of Dental Surgery, Rajiv Gandhi University, Bangalore, India. Master of Public Health - Public Health Practice, University of Arizona. 

Why choose Public Health/What’s awesome about Public Health? I’ve always liked working with patients and the community. When working in a central government hospital in India, I realized the need for good public health Policies. I enrolled when I finally got the opportunity to pursue Public Health from the Ajman campus.

Why choose the University of Arizona/MEZCOPH: I liked the idea of pursuing University of Arizona courses from the UAE campus, and the innovative course design prompted me to join the University of Arizona.

Public Health Interests: Public Health Policy and Infectious Diseases.

Fun fact about you or interests/hobbies: Classical Carnatic music, Reading, and Travel.

One piece of advice for current and future students: Be open to new opportunities and volunteer to work with other public health personnel locally and internationally to gain experience. Learn to incorporate public health practice at your work place to develop your skills.