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The Global Health Institute Academy offers a variety of didactic and project-based opportunities for students of all disciplines and backgrounds to turn understanding into action.

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Population Health in the Digital Age Program

Mohan Tanniru, PhD

Program Director and Professor

Global Population Health is a program for international and domestic students and scholars focused on research, knowledge-sharing, and the education of students and professionals. The goal is to empower citizen populations in preventive care as well as care transition post hospital discharge. Scholars and public health and healthcare professionals will engage in collaborative research, participate in knowledge sharing conferences/forums, and work with students and/or sponsors in several distinct program modules that each span 3 to 4 months on average.

The focus of these programs is to leverage three pillars in support of student learning: interdisciplinary and integrative thinking, experience learning and global understanding.

  • Interdisciplinary and integrative thinking focuses on critical problem-solving skills, such as problem definition or issue identification, analysis and design of solutions using technology when appropriate, and the development of implementation strategies for clients to consider.
  • Experiential learning uses real-world projects defined by external clients and the application of project management principles, such as project planning and documentation, management of specific deliverables at various points in time, oral and written documentation and presentations, and project transition when projects span multiple modules and are managed by different teams.
  • Global understanding calls on students to addressing health and environmental challenges faced by global populations using virtual and global teamwork and overcome time, technology, and cultural differences.

Specifically, the program plans to use three programs: population health projects, global citizenship for sustainability and health, and population health in the digital age. Under the leadership and guidance of Professor Mohan Tanniru, all these programs use projects provided by external client organizations, with each project clearly defined for exploration, evaluation, and possible deployment in the citizen/patient ecosystem.

Program Focus

Population health projects

Global citizenship for sustainability and health

Population health in the digital age

Community Engagement to Address Population Health Workshop

coordinated by Dr. Mohan Tanniru, University of Arizona and Mr. John Zervos, Henry Ford Health

May 19, 2023 | 6:00 am to 5:00 pm MST

Goals of the Workshop:

- Bring practitioners and researchers
to discuss the efficacy of community
engagement strategies.
- Understand the role of technology
and patient engagement in community
strategy effectiveness.

See Workshop Flyer for program agenda and additional event details

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