Global Health Institute Scholars

The Global Health Institute Scholars program offers students a variety of global engagement opportunities allowing students the ability to explore the roles public health professionals play in different global health settings.

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The GHI Scholars program prepares students for an increasingly interconnected world by providing opportunities for students to develop their skills in key areas including service learning, cultural competence, and global awareness. These opportunities improve the ability to analyze and solve problems through different perspectives and settings. GHI Scholars traveling abroad will engage in opportunities for collaborative research and community engaged programs with different academic institutions and organizations worldwide.

The mission of the Global Health Institute Scholars program is to:

  • Provide community engagement and service learning opportunities
  • Provide global research opportunities
  • Provide students the opportunity to learn about health care issues in various countries around the world
  • Introduce students to different health care systems and different cultures
  • Develop the next generation of global health professionals and leaders in public and population health

Global Health Institute Scholars have a unique opportunity to engage with MEZCOPH International partners and network of academic health centers, community health care organizations and NGOs worldwide in regions including SE Asia, Latin America, the Middle East and Africa.

Current opportunities for students to engage in research, practicum and/or community engagement are available at:


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