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The Global Health Institute is able to make a greater impact in local and global communities thanks to generous and dedicated supporters like you whose contributions help fund student and faculty research, scholarships and travel. Make a gift today to support our global health projects and research.

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Explore GHI Development Goals

Naming opportunity for GHI building: Endowment to renovate an existing casita with modern space to include state of the art telecommunication classrooms and offices. The building will house the GHI and ensure connectivity and live interaction with global partners and students.

Naming opportunity for GHI IT Conference Room or Classroom(s):
There is a need to develop two conference rooms and one classroom with IT/video conference capabilities. Estimated Cost/room is around $100,000.

Global Health Institute Scholars ($3,000-$10,000 /student)

The Global Health Institute Scholars program provides MEZCOPH undergraduate and graduate students with a unique opportunity to engage with international partners and network of academic health centers, community health care organizations and NGOs worldwide.

Global Health Institute International Scholars

Support varies per degree program and covers registration of international students to MEZCOPH/UA accredited online and on-campus degrees.

  • Online Graduate certificate programs ($6,000/student)
  • Online Graduate Master Programs in Public Health (MPH) ($45,000)
  • Undergraduate public health majors on campus at MEZCOPH/UA ($27,000 tuition/year)
  • Graduate MPH programs on campus at MEZCOPH/UA ($27,000 tuition/year)
  • Graduate doctoral programs on campus at MEZCOPH/UA ($27,000 tuition/year)
  • International students to participate in MEZCOPH research and community programs ($8,000-$10,000/student)

Young Global Leaders Program ($350/student)

The Young Global Leaders Program gives recent high school graduates and rising 11th and 12th grade students the opportunity to explore public health through hands-on experiences in research, academic track exploration, career exploration, participation in professional lectures and seminars, lab experiences and field trips.

Endowed Chair: $2 – 3 M Endowment for $ $60,000- $120,000 yield/year

  • Full professor with national & international reputation

Distinguished professor: $1 - $1.5 M Endowment for $40,000 - $60,000 yield/year

  • Full professor with national & international reputation

Faculty Research Support: Amount varies and starts at $10,000/year

  • Supports faculty research in different areas of global health
  • Sponsor can have his/her name attached to the award with an annual $ support agreement, or can add support to the College general global health fund

The College has created a general GHI fund to support and sustain GHI’s efforts and activities. The goal is to secure an endowment to support GHI administrative needs and sustain GHI global efforts.  

Training workshops and symposiums

  • Cost
  • Infrastructure: Venue and Speakers ($30,000)
  • Registration ($500/participant)
  • International participant sponsorship ($ 6,500)
  • Meals and reception ($20,000) to be raised through fundraising and sponsorships

For more information about giving opportunities, please contact:
Kim Bourn